How Much Do Store Managers Make

Store Manager Salary

Store managers are an important part of retail and tend to make a decent living. While it is not something many people think of when they are going to college, it can be a very fun career and one that puts you in the middle of something you enjoy. But, how much do store managers make? Well, the truth is that the base salary for a store manager is usually in the mid-30,000s but this depends on where you live. In the US, you will make less and in large urban areas you will make more. Store managers salary can range all the way up to $75,000 to $100,000 depending on the size of the store and the reach of the brand.

Store Managers From These Universities Get Better Job Opportunities

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Kaplan University - A.S in Business Administration - Retail Management, B.S in Business Administration - Sales Management & B.S in Business Administration - Business Process Management.

Kaplan University is our recommended university for students who wish to become Retail & Store Managers. They provide exclusive Retail & Business Management degree programs dedicated to students to excel in their careers as Retail & Store Managers.

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Ashford University - B.A - Mass Market Enterprise Retail Management.

Ashford University is an active community university that provides effective learning on campus & online. Their Business Management degrees are infused with the goal for academic & career excellence.

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Capella University - B.S - Retail Management & B.S - Human Resource Management.

Capella University is one of the top universities based on student ratings for Business management degree programs. They provide a diverse learning community which is vital for their students in their careers as Store & Retail Managers.

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Strayer University - B.B.A - Retail Management Concentration & B.S - Accounting.

Strayer University has been helping their Retail & Business Management students by providing them: Affordability, Convenience, Quality & Support. Strayer University also provides financial aid to students.

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How Much Do Store Managers Make Based On Different Degree Levels

If you have a higher degree, you are likely to make more money every year. The average amount paid per degree is as follows:

  • Associate’s Degree: $22,020 – $42,052
  • Bachelor of Business Administration: $31,093 – $42,500
  • Bachelor of Science in Business Management: $33,125 – $45,784
  • Bachelor’s Degree: $41,725 – $57,456
  • Master of Business Administration: $45,479 – $62,210

Store Manager Salary By Employers

These are some of the popular companies employing store managers today:

  • Starbucks: $34,000 – $60,000
  • Wal-Mart Stores: $39,000 – $180,000
  • Abercrombie & Fitch: $24,000 – $50,000
  • GameStop: $28,000 – $55,000
  • Blockbuster: $20,000 – $57,000
  • RadioShack: $21,000 – $55,000

Store Manager Salary By Positions

The services of a store manager are needed in various industries, and different names are given. These are some of them and the range of the salary:

  • Retail Store Manager: $30,000 –  $45,000
  • Bilingual Store Manager: $32,000 – $44,000
  • Assistant Store Manager: $29,000 – $39,000
  • Retail Store Manager: $31,000 – $42,000
  • Retail Automotive Store Manager: $51,000 – $62,000

Factors Affecting How Much Do Store Managers Make

You will make more money depending on the profits of your store. In general, large cities produce more profits. This results in a higher pay scale for the store manager because there is a greater responsibility. You are also going to be watched more closely as it can make or break a company if your store is doing well. In smaller towns there is less pressure but you will make less money. You can always aspire beyond that of a store manager in order to make a greater salary by getting into marketing or management for the corporate offices.

What Do Store Managers Do

how much do store managers makeAs the store manager you will be responsible for finding staff, making the schedule, determining the layout of the store and ordering stock. It is your job to watch the bottom line and know how to turn a profit. You will also have to deal with customers and ensure you make them happy so they will return to your store for future purchases. You are the leader of the store and you report to the other departments. You will likely have goals to meet and you will have to answer if you do not.

How To Become A Store Manager

You need to be great with people. Not only your staff but also customers. You need to develop your own attitude to make sure everyone gets what they want and leaves a situation happy. You need to understand the basics of profit and how to schedule so your customers are well cared for but also that your sales will cover the salaries. It is important that you understand marketing and placement. It is your job to present changes to the higher level management and build a good relationship with them.


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