How Much Do Research Analysts Make

Research Analyst Salary

Today, the average research analyst salary is $51,377 because of the sensitive nature of the tasks carried out. Depending on the industry and employer, the research analyst helps in contributing to benchmarking, consulting and research projects of his employer. He does this through his strong written and oral communication skills, excellent qualitative and quantitative analytical skills, and the ability to think and work through problems in a self-directed manner. In addition, the analyst contributes to all kinds of projects, including ongoing research and benchmarking programs, and hoc consulting engagements.

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how much do research analysts make

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research analyst salary

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How Much Do Research Analysts Make in 2013

The research analyst salary depends on a lot of factors, some of which are:

  1. Education
  2. Position
  3. Experience
  4. Employer
  5. Tasks carried out
  6. Risks involved in tasks carried out
  7. Industry

Salary Of Different Level Of Research Analysts

A good research analyst can be guaranteed to make at least $45,000 per year in 2013. For instance, the average salary of an ordinary Research Analyst is $52,517, the Senior Research Analyst makes about $61,056, while the Strategic Research Analyst earns about $52,818 per year.

How Much Do Research Analysts Make In Different Industries

how much do research analysts makeThe industry in which the analyst works can determine the salary. For instance, a Research Analyst in the financial and accounting sector is expected to create industry-specific sustainability accounting standards, performing quantitative research, modelling, data mining, developing news and harvest existing sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as needed.

The research analyst will develop relationships with industry researchers/experts/analysts with industry specific sustainability and financial expertise. To carry out these tasks, the research analyst will be paid at least $57,028 every year. This amount is different from what is paid to a research analyst who works in the engineering field.

How Much Do Research Analyst With Different Level Of Education Make

The research analyst salary is also determined by education. The analyst having a master’s degree is likely to be paid a minimum of $66,580 in the United States, much higher than the amount paid to a person having a bachelor’s degree.

Research Analyst Salary With Different Employers

Large Fortune 500 companies usually pay higher than other employers and small businesses. For instance, an entry-level position makes the analyst to make at least $60,000 per year, compared to the remuneration of about $40,000 when working for companies which are not well known.

Being a research analyst is an excellent career, but it demands dedication on the part of the employee. For a lower salary, an employer could be willing to sponsor you advanced degree training or Master of Business Administration. This could be a good thing to take advantage of, as you would be prepared for higher salary and packages upon completion of your training.

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