How Much Do Physical Therapists Make

Physical Therapist Salary

Physical therapists are the ones who help patients regain strength, flexibility and improve the range of movement most especially those who are suffering from illnesses and those who have been involved in accidents. The job of a PT seems interesting if you want to enter the medical field. But how much do physical therapists make?

Physical Therapists can make from $52,000 to $110,000 in 2013.

Our Recommended Universities for Physical Therapists Education

how much do physical therapists make

Kaplan University - ASHS - Physical Therapy Assistant.

Kaplan University is our top recommended university to get a career as a Physical Therapist. They provide exclusive health degree programs dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post graduates. Kaplan University also provides intensive and comprehensive education both onsite and online to excel their students in academic & future career achievement.

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Penn Foster Career School - Certificate - Physical Therapy AideCertificate - Occupational Therapy Aide.

Penn Foster Career School offers affordable tuition, flexible study schedule, quality education & excellent support. Penn Foster also has over a century's worth of teaching experience.

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how much do physical therapists make

Utica College - Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Utica College offers a broad range of opportunities to grow personally and intellectually, helping you to build a strong foundation for success in your professional life.

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How Much Do Physical Therapists Make in 2013

Basically, the yearly salary of physical therapists can reach as much as $76,420. However, the figures may change if you are on the upper 25% because this can earn you $90,460. Moreover, if you are on the upper 10% you have the opportunity to earn over $101,560. If you are in the low 10% you can still make more than $53,230.

These figures are huge regardless of your position so being a physical therapist you really give you huge income whether you have experience or none.

How Much Do Physical Therapists Make Based on Level of Experience

There are various factors that determine the salary of a PT so it implies that the longer you work as a therapist the higher your salary will be. In order to have an idea it will be helpful to look at how much do physical therapists make annually as per experience.

how much do physical therapists make

Novice physical therapists can make anywhere from $50,120 to over $61,000. On the other hand, physical therapists that have 5 to 9 years of working experience can make $60,500 up to $73,600. Furthermore, those who have 20 years of experience or more can earn $65,100 to more than $81,200 per year.

All of these are the basic figures but the salary may also depend on the location and the field of practice. There are a lot of opportunities for physical therapists and if you work full time you will be getting the highest pay possible. These figures only serve as your idea on how much do physical therapists make.

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