How Much Do Nutritionists Make

Nutritionist Salary

Nutritionists are the experts that deal with your food and eating habits. They also play a big role in the treatment and prevention of illnesses. To become a nutritionist you need to finish a Bachelor’s Degree and earn a license to practice. If you want to be a nutritionist then you are definitely interested with how much do nutritionists make.

The average salary for a Nutritionist is approximately $56,000 per annum.

Nutritionists From These Universities Earn A Higher Salary

how much do nutritionists make

Kaplan University - B.S - Nutrition ScienceB.S - Health & Wellness & M.S - Health Education.

Kaplan University is one of our top universities for students who wants to become Nutritionists. They provide exclusive Nutrition Science degree programs dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post graduates. Kaplan University provides intensive and comprehensive education both onsite and online to excel their students in academic achievement.

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nutritionist salary

Walden University - B.S in Public Health - Health Promotion & WellnessB.S in Health Studies - Health Management & M.S - Health Informatics.

Walden University health degree programs are customized to advance your knowledge and help students apply that knowledge to their careers. They also provides excellent student support and guidance.

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how much do nutritionists earn

Capella University - B.S - Health Care ManagementM.H.A - Health Policy & Ph.D - Health Care Administration.

Capella University is one of the top universities for Health degree programs. Capella University provides a diverse learning community which is beneficial for their students.

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nutritionists salary

Saint Leo University Online - Graduate Certificate - Health Care ManagementB.S - Health Care Management & M.B.A - Health Care Management.

Saint Leo University helps Health Care management students establish the necessary foundation to continue their education to become Nutritionists.

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How Much Do Nutritionist Make in 2013

Nutritionists just like other healthcare professionals can earn a great deal of money. This is why a lot of people consider being a nutritionist such a rewarding career. The highest salary that a nutritionist can earn can be over $73,000.

Moving forward, if you are in the middle 50% then you have the potential to earn as much as $40,000 up to $61,000 annually. The lowest amount that you can earn being a nutritionist is around $31,000. These figures can give you a clear idea on how much do nutritionists make.

how much do nutritionists make


Nutritionist Salary Based On Field of Practice

Being a nutritionist can offer you plenty of opportunities to earn more if you wish to. Essentially, your salary can depend on your employer. Typically, nutritionists who provide their services in outpatient centres can earn more than $52,000 per year while those working at hospitals and other medical institutions can make more than $51,400.

How Much Do Nutritionists Make In Different Industries

Furthermore, those who work at nursing institutions can earn $51,100. Nutritionists can also work at the government and these professionals can make approximately $47,000. Those who work at the food and beverage industry can get as much as $45,000 compensation.

These are just basic facts on how much do nutritionists make. In actuality, the salaries of these professionals can also depend on other factors like experience, education as well as the environment. These figures mentioned above can give you a good idea on what to expect and you can absolutely make more if you strive more.

Conclusion to How Much Do Nutritionists Make


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