How Much Do Network Engineers Make

Network Engineer Salary

A network engineer is responsible for a network’s design and physical construction, whether it is for telecommunications or computer communications, placing communication switches, routers and all of the wires and cables used in connecting the equipment. In the United States, the average network engineer Salary is $91,000.

Network Engineers From These Universities Get Better Job Opportunities

how much do network administrators earn

Kaplan University - A.A.S.I.T - Network AdministrationB.S.I.T - Network Administration.

Kaplan University is one of our top Network Administration universities. They provide exclusive Network Administration degree programs dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post graduates. Kaplan University provides intensive and comprehensive education both onsite and online to excel their students in academic achievement.

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network administrator salary

Capella University - B.S - Network Technology: Microsoft & B.S - Network Technology: Cisco.

Capella University is one of the top universities for Network Administration education. Capella provides a diverse learning community which is vital for their Network Administration students.

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how much money do network administrators make

American InterContinental University - B.I.T - Network Administration.

American Intercontinental University is America's #1 straightforward school and you can expect to maximize your Network Administration degree course education from Day 1. AIU also provide options for accelerated or part-time degrees.

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network administrators salary

Western Governors University - B.S.I.T - Network AdministrationB.S.I.T - Network Design & Management.

Western Governors University offers a convenient and cost-effective way for students to earn their Network Administration degree. WGU is one of the most cost-effective universities for Network Administration degrees today.

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Factors Affecting How Much Do Network Engineers Make In 2013

Average Network Engineer Salary by Position

  • Network Engineer: $91,000
  • Network Service Engineer PAC: $69,000
  • Senior MS Network Engineer: $78,000
  • Network Service Engineer: $75,000
  • MS Network Engineer: $71,000
  • Network Software Engineer: $93,000
  • Cisco Network Support Engineer: $96,000
  • Microsoft Network Engineer: $63,000
  • Network Support Engineer: $73,000
  • Network Voice Engineer: $101,000
  • Network Administrator Engineer: $77,000
  • Junior Network Engineer: $46,000
  • Network Test Engineer: $80,000
  • Network Operations Engineer: $73,000
  • Network Consulting Engineer: $91,000
  • Senior Network Systems Engineer: $97,000

Network Engineer Salary by Employer

This is the range of the network engineer salary paid by some employers in the US:

  • Verizon: $51,000 – $127,000
  • Cisco Systems: $65,000 – $152,200
  • Sprint Nextel: $43,000 – $90,000
  • Mahindra Satyam: $49,000 – $113,000
  • MobileComm Professionals: $45,000 – $70,000
  • AT&T: $54,000 – $130,000
  • Google: $65,000 – $172,000
  • 3S Network: $37,000 – $70,000

Network Engineer Salary by State

This is the average network engineer salary in some states of the US:

  • California: $77,000 – $113,000
  • Philadelphia: $43,000 – $95,000
  • Connecticut: $49,000 – $110,000
  • Washington: $44,000 – $91,000
  • New York: $54,000 – $119,000
  • Illinois: $73,000 – $107,000

Network Engineer Salary by Degree

  • Associate’s Degree: $42,400 – $69,160
  • Bachelor’s Degree: $61,606 – $90,841
  • Master’s Degree: $100,000 – $136,000

How To Increase Your Salary As A Network Engineer

how much do network engineers makeHaving the entry-level certification like the Cisco’s CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a good way of increasing the network engineer salary even with minimal on-the-job experience. Microsoft also offers MCTS (Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist) or MCITP (Microsoft Certified IT Professional) in various areas of networking. Combining any of these certifications with the degree from a college enables you to occupy many important positions in any organization.

How To Become A Network Engineer

To become a network engineer, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in network security, computer science or any other discipline related to information technology or engineering. An individual in the discipline like computer science, information systems management, or computer or electrical engineering can also lead to a career as a network engineer. It is necessary for you to understand cyber-attacks and the ways of protecting a company from any attack, and that is why a degree in network security is always a good thing.


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