How Much Do Medical Assistants Make

Medical Assistant Salary

A medical assistant does a variety of tasks includes taking vital signs, helping patients with medical records and insurance forms, giving injections, and preparing body fluids for lab testing. The medical assistant salary averages $29,000 per year.

Medical Assistants From These Universities Get Better Job Opportunities

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Kaplan University - A.A.S - Medical TranscriptionB.S in Accounting & B.S - Healthcare Administration.

Kaplan University is one of the recommended universities based on student ratings to become a Medical Transcriptionist. Kaplan University provide exclusive Medical Transcription degree programs dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post graduates students.

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Ultimate Medical Academy - Associates - Medical Billing & Coding & Associates - Medical Office & Billing Specialist.

Ultimate Medical Academy is one of the most specialized university for Medical Administrative degree programs. UMA is a dynamic career school committed to empowering students to excel as Medical Transcriptionist & Coders.

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Fortis College - Associates - Medical Billing & CodingAssociates - Medical Administrative Assistant.

At Fortis College, Medical students get personal attention due to the small class sizes. Students will have access to career resources & their advisors are ready to help from Day 1.

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Saint Leo University Online - Graduate Certificate - Healthcare ManagementB.B.A - Accounting Specialization & M.B.A - Healthcare Management.

Saint Leo University helps their Medical students establish the necessary foundation to continue their education to become successful in the Health & Medical industry.

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How Much Do Medical Assistants Make In 2013

Around the United States, the average medical assistant salary is just under $30,000. Those who work in larger medical offices usually make more money than medical assistants in smaller doctors’ offices. The highest paid medical assistants make around $40,000 and the lowest paid earn right around $20,000 per year. Medical assistants’ hours vary depending on where they work; but in hospitals and doctors’ offices with non-traditional hours, there will be medical assistants working at all hours of the day and on weekends, too. A medical assistant is a good starting point for anyone who is interested in working the medical field.

Medical Assistant Salary by Position

This is the average medical assistant salary based on the position:

  • Medical Front Office Assistant - $26,000
  • Medical Office Assistant Receptionist – $31,000
  • Medical Assistant Receptionist - $28,000
  • Medical Assistant Certified Registered - $29,000
  • Supervisory Medical Support Assistant - $55,000
  • Medical Assistant Back Office – $31,000
  • Medical Assistant ON Call – $42,000
  • Medical Assistant Phlebotomist – $30,000
  • Hca Certified Medical Assistant – $42,000
  • Medical Office Assistant – $29,000
  • Clinical Medical Assistant - $28,000
  • Medical Assistant Oncology – $42,000
  • Medical Administrative Assistant – $26,000
  • Advanced Medical Support Assistant - $46,000
  • HN Medical Assistant – $33,000

Medical Assistant Salary by Years of Experience

  • Less than 1 year: $19,386 – $39,202
  • 1-4 years: $17,487 – $38,035
  • 5-9 years: $21,173 – $39,164
  • 10-19 years: $24,747 – $42,460
  • 20 years or more: $23,718 – $45,916

Other Things You Need To Know About How Much Do Medical Assistants Make

how much do medical assistants make a yearThe medical assistant salary is respectable, but the medical careers that pay better require specialized training. When looking at how much do medical assistants make, it is a good idea to investigate the possibility for growth in the career. There are many people who work as medical assistants for their entire career and are very happy in the position because the position is not overly stressful and does not require the medical assistant to take anything home at the end of the work day.

How To Become A Medical Assistant

Depending on where you live, the requirements for becoming a medical assistant vary. Most physicians’ offices require that a medical assistant have at least a high school diploma, but there are some career training schools that offer a short program in medical assistant training. Many medical assistants begin working as receptionists and office employees and then they begin to learn the medical skills on the job. Since most doctors’ offices work with computers, some doctors might require their medical assistants to have working knowledge of computers.


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