How Much Do FBI Agents Make

FBI Agent Salary

The average FBI agent salary is $87,000. An FBI agent is someone who works for the Federal Bureau of Investigation to investigate federal, state and sometimes local crimes that could face federal charges depending on the crime.

There is no set list of responsibilities of FBI agents because they perform different duties each day but in general their duties include investigation of illegal activities such as the growing of drugs in the home, espionage cases, terrorism cases and financial fraud cases in which a lot of Americans were harmed financially because of it. FBI agents also work with the Drug Enforcement Administration, IRS and other government agencies.

FBI Agents from these Universities Get Better Job Opportunities

how much do fbi agents make

Kaplan University - B.S in Criminal Justice - Juvenile JusticeM.S in Criminal Justice - Global Issues in Criminal Justice & B.S - Accounting.

Kaplan University is one of our recommended universities for people who wish to become a FBI Agent. Kaplan University provides intensive and comprehensive education both onsite and online to excel their students in academic achievement & help them to become FBI Agents with their degree qualifications.

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fbi agent salary

Walden University - B.S in Forensic Psychology - Forensics & LawMaster of Public Administration - Terrorism, Mediation, and Peace & B.S in Criminal Justice - Computer Information Systems and Security

Walden University degree programs are customized to advance your knowledge and help students apply that knowledge to their careers as FBI Agents. Walden University also provides one of the best student support and career guidance for their students.

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how much money do fbi agents make

Grand Canyon University - B.S - Public Safety AdministrationB.S - Accounting & B.S - Finance & Economics.

Grand Canyon University is a premier private university. Grand Canyon University has been helping their students to unlock their potential by landing them the career of their dreams as FBI Agents. They also encourages students to apply Christian values & ethic in their workplace.

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fbi agents salary 2013

Strayer University - Associate in Arts - Criminal JusticeB.S in Criminal Justice - Computer Forensics & Security & B.S.C.J - Homeland Security & Technology.

Strayer University has been helping their students to advance in their careers as FBI Agents. Strayer University provides their students: Affordability, Convenience, Quality & Support. They also provide financial aid to students.

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Factors Affecting How Much do FBI Agents Make In 2013

By Years of Experience

  • Entry Level FBI agent: $40,000 – $58,000
  • From 1 to 5 years: $46,000 – $66,000
  • From 5-10 years: $61,000 – $102,000
  • From 10-20 years: $78,000 – $120,000
  • Over 20 years: $101,000 – $144,000

By Location

As it is possible for FBI agents to be stationed to any of the cities of the United States, they must have salaries reflecting the cost of living for the city where they work. For instance, there is a locality payment of 28.72% for the assignment to New York City. There is also a relocation bonus of about $22,000 for new special agents assigned to certain high-cost areas like New York, Boston and Los Angeles. The figures below show the average FBI agent salary is certain states:

  • fbi agents salary for 2013Utah: $79,000
  • New Jersey: $93,000
  • Montana: $89,000
  • Nevada: $83,000
  • Washington: $83,000
  • Idaho: $74,000
  • Michigan: $85,000
  • Pennsylvania: $76,000
  • Kentucky: $77,000
  • Vermont: $83,000
  • Minnesota: $80,000
  • Tennessee: $83,000
  • Virginia: $89,000
  • Iowa: $81,000
  • Louisiana: $72,000
  • North Carolina: $86,000
  • Arkansas: $87,000
  • West Virginia: $87,000
  • Florida: $84,000
  • Oregon: $82,000

How To Become an FBI Agent

In order to become an FBI agent you must be at least 23 years old and a U.S. Citizen, and you need to pass hearing and vision test. You must have a clean record with no felonies, have a driver’s license and obtain a bachelors degree in a field that relates to law enforcement such as criminal justice or political science. You will also be subjected to a background check, drug tests, polygraph tests and an interview.


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