How Much Do CRNAs Make

CRNA Salary 

The average CRNA salary is $108,000, which is a good income in today’s economy. A CRNA, or certified registered nurse anesthetist, is a nurse that is certified to give anesthesia to patients. CRNAs receive specialized training and they work mostly with surgeons in operating rooms. The CRNA gives anesthesia to patients before surgery begins so that the patients will feel relaxed during the surgery. The CRNA is responsible for determining the best type of anesthesia with input from the surgeon based on the patient’s medical condition. You will find most CRNAs in large hospitals although a small handful may be found in clinics.

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Factors Affecting How Much Do CRNAs Make In 2013

By Position

  • Anesthesiology CRNA Permanent: $89,000
  • Perm CRNA: $130,000
  • Independent CRNA: $102,000
  • Anesthesiology CRNA: $108,000
  • Permanent CRNA: $143,000
  • Nurse Anesthetist CRNA: $154,000
  • CRNA Certified RN Anesthetist: $136,000

By Employer

These are the average salaries of CRNA’s offered by some employers in the United States:

  • how much do crnas earn a yearFairview Hospital: $143,000 – $161,000
  • St. Joseph’s Mercy Health Center: $169,000 – $183,000
  • Tenet Healthcare: $174,000 – $188,000
  • Anesthesia Associates NorthWest: $192,000 – $207,000
  • US Department of Veterans Affairs: $139,000 – $152,000
  • Reading Hospital and Medical Center: $71,000 – $77,000
  • Henry Ford Health System: $172,000 – $184,000
  • Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center: $184,000 – $199,000

By Gender

Some employers prefer CRNA’s of a specific gender because of the nature of the organization, the type of task to be done, and some other factors. The average salaries for male and female are:

  • Male: $185,900, and this can reach $195,000 in some cases
  • Female: $169,400, and up to $179,000 offered by certain employers

By Years of Experience

  • Up to 5 years: $158,000
  • Between 6 and 12 years: $175,000 – $190,000
  • More than 12 years: $220,000 and above

By Location

The average CRNA salary in some states is as follows:

  • Rhode Island: $109,000
  • Idaho: $92,000
  • Maryland: $110,000
  • Indiana: $109,000
  • West Virginia: $107,000
  • South Carolina: $96,000
  • Alaska: $93,000
  • Arizona: $96,000
  • New Hampshire: $107,000
  • Georgia: $118,000

How to Become a CRNA

All CRNAs must have a bachelor’s degree in nursing and they will also need one year of clinical experience in this field before enrolling in a nurse anesthetist program that normally lasts for two years. After the CRNA completes the nurse anesthetist program, she will have to take a certification exam in order to practice in her state.


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