How Much Do Correctional Officers Make

Correctional Officer Salary

The average correctional officer salary is $36,000, and his job consists of maintaining the order and security within a jail or a prison. This can be a very demanding job and, at times, very dangerous being that the nature of a prison isn’t necessarily safe. Some of them tend to be overcrowded and mostly uncomfortable being that the guests isn’t necessarily cooperative when being told to do something. Oddly enough, this career is on the rise for many being that it is a secure job and communities are always in need of individuals who are willing to take on this work.

Correctional Officers From These Universities Get Better Job Opportunities

how much do correctional officers make

Kaplan University - B.S in Criminal Justice - CorrectionsM.S in Criminal Justice - Corrections & M.S in Legal Studies - Legal System & Media.

Kaplan University is one of our top universities if you wish to become a Correctional Officer. They provide exclusive Corrections & Legal degree programs dedicated to their students. Kaplan University also provides intensive and comprehensive education both onsite and online to excel their students in academic achievement & career excellence as Correctional Officers.

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correctional officer salary

American Intercontinental University - B.S.C.J - Corrections & Case ManagementB.S.C.J - Homeland Security & Crisis Management & B.S.C.J - Law Enforcement.

American Intercontinental University is America's #1 straightforward school and you can expect to maximize your Corrections degree course education from Day 1. AIU also provide options for accelerated or part-time degrees.

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correction officer salary

Everest University - Bachelors - Homeland SecurityAssociates - Criminal Investigations.

Everest University is one of the recommended universities based on student ratings. Everest University gives their students what they need: instructors with real-world experience, hands-on career training, financial aid, short-term career training and also helping their graduates to find jobs as Correctional Officers.

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How Much Do Correctional Officers Make In 2013

Correctional Officer Salary by Employer

  • Federal Bureau of Prisons: $31,864 – $65,436
  • Texas Department of Criminal Justice: $23,787 – $38,000
  • Dept. of Corrections: $24,328 – $66,084
  • State of Florida (FL): $28,100 – $39,750
  • Florida Department of Corrections: $20,385 – $43,705

By Experience

  • Less than 1 year: $20,518 – $39,830
  • 1 to 4 years: $23,899 – $46,257
  • 5 to 9 years: $24,966 – $62,508
  • 10 to 19 years: $27,281 – $69,059
  • At least 20 years: $27,212 – $77,036

By Certification

  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR): $25,040 – $66,657
  • First Aid: $25,647 – $75,700

By Gender

  • Female: $26,019 – $38,082
  • Male: $29,753 – $48,749

By Industry

  • Police Department: $25,312 – $55,496
  • Prison or Correctional Facility: $25,052 – $51,761
  • Security Guard Services: $20,798 – $43,382
  • Inmate Job Placement: $24,106 – $48,365
  • Government: $25,745 – $56,644

By Degree

  • Associate’s Degree: $17,792 – $36,332
  • Associate’s Degree in Criminal Justice: $18,259 – $37,902
  • Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice: $19,500 – $38,350
  • Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice: $25,434 – $44,502
  • Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice: $24,538 – $49,500

How to Become a Correctional Officer

In order to work as a correctional officer the applicant must have been employed by some other various municipalities; although, if the job position is for the federal level it may consist of obtaining a bachelor’s degree. If the job is at a state level mostly a diploma and an Associate’s degree in criminal justice is enough to qualify for the position. There are some state run academies that some states prefer applicants get their training at but at the federal level there is about 200 hours of training that the employee needs to undergo. This can be a very rewarding job for the individual who doesn’t mind the dangerous environment.


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