How Much Do Bank Tellers Make

Bank Teller Salary 

Bank tellers have more responsibilities than just processing customers’ deposits and transactions during the day. Bank tellers also count the money in their drawers at the beginning and end of the day, answer customers’ questions concerning their accounts, and order more checks and deposit slips for their customers. Most bank tellers have a high school diploma although higher paid bank tellers have college degrees. To be a successful bank teller you have to pay attention to details and you will need to treat customers with respect and possess strong mathematical skills.

As for the bank teller salary, it is possible to earn an annual median salary of $24,000.

Bank Tellers From These Universities Get More Promotions

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Kaplan University - A.S.B.A - Banking ServiceB.S.B.A - Financial Analysis & M.S - Financial Planning.

Kaplan University is one of our top Banking & Finance universities. They provide exclusive Banking & Finance degree programs dedicated to undergraduate, graduate and post graduates. Kaplan University provides intensive and comprehensive education both onsite and online to excel their students in academic achievement.

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Post University - B.S.B.A - FinanceM.B.A - Finance.

Post University is one of the top universities providing Finance & Banking-related degrees. Post University offers an exciting & challenging education environment for their students to not only be specialized in Banking but also learn about the careers of a banker.

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Walden University - B.S.B.A - FinanceM.B.A - Corporate Finance & Ph.D in Management - Finance.

Walden University Finance degree programs are customized to advance your knowledge and help students apply that knowledge to their careers as bankers. Walden University also provides excellent student support and guidance.

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Grand Canyon University - B.S - Finance & EconomicsM.B.A - Finance.

Grand Canyon University is a premier private university and Grand Canyon University has been helping their Finance students to achieve their potential by landing them the career of their dreams. They also encourage students to apply Christian values & ethic in their workplace.

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How Much do Bank Tellers Make in 2013

There are certain factors which determine a bank teller salary. For example, bank tellers with only a high school diploma earn between $9.00 and $11.00 per hour and the hourly wage is the same for those who earn an associates degree in business. Bank tellers with a bachelors degree earn between $12 and $13 per hour. Your working location is another factor because some of the top-paying states for bank tellers include Alaska, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Maryland.

Salary Differences Among Bank Tellers

how much do bank tellers makeThere are differences in the type of salary bank tellers earn based on the industry they work in. Bank tellers who work at amusement parks earn $27,000 and bank tellers who work for the local government earn $30,000 annually. Bank tellers who work at universities would earn $40,000 annually. Bank tellers with between 10 and 20 years of experience would earn approximately $29,000 annually.

How To Increase Your Salary As A Bank Teller

One major factor to increase your salary as a bank teller is to get a finance degree qualification or any banking related degree which includes business studies and economics. With these banking-related degrees, your chances of becoming employable will increase dramatically as well as your pay rate as a bank teller.

Bank Teller Job Outlook

The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the rate of bank teller job growth will be 6% but there is still good news for those who want to be bank tellers because it is not just the local banks that hire bank tellers. Supermarkets, universities, non-profit run stores, and even a few department stores have banks inside of them and as a result there will be a need for more bank tellers.

It is possible to earn a decent bank teller salary, and the amount to be made depends on many factors such as location, educational level, years of experience, improvements in your work and other factors. If you decide to become a bank teller you want to keep these in mind when you negotiate your starting salary so you will receive a fair starting salary.

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